I’m an anthropologist whose work is interested in data and archives and the way in which they influence our relationship with the world and with one another. My academic work has explored these themes through studies of placemaking practices in the Anthropocene, with particular focus on Antarctic research expeditions and critical cartography. My artistic research examines how data and technical infrastructures focus our attention on the world in particular ways and, in so doing, shape the structures of experience available to us. Throughout my work I am animated by an interest in the historical, political and ecological stakes of human life on a small rock in a very old universe.

Select Affiliations

  • Enigma, Co-Founder & Board - 2011-Present
  • Media Development Investment Fund, Board - 2021-Present
  • Council on Foreign Relations, Term Member — 2019-2024
  • New York City Open Data Advisory Council, Member — 2019-2021
  • NEW INC, New Museum, Mentor — 2019-2021
  • Harmony Institute, Advisory Board - 2017-Present
  • Center for Ethics, Society, and Computing (ESC), University of Michigan, Advisory Board — 2019-Present

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