The Border Line

An experimental documentary about the Turkish-Syrian border.


Swamp Thing provides an intimate encounter with your personal email archive.


Clear ID is an interactive installation that allows participants to explore and experiment with the personal data stored in the barcodes of US driver’s licenses.

Ambient Shipping

Over 100 million shipping containers travel the ocean each year, trailing data along with fuel exhaust. What if you listened to it?

Invisible Walls

Uncovering hundreds of surveillance experiments along the US-MX border.

The Power Grid

5% of the world’s CO2 emissions come from US electricity production. There are 8,521 specific sites where this happens. The Power Grid is an exploration of this landscape.

The sound of bureaucracy: offers over 20,000 years of continuous data enjoyment, from Latvian agricultural statistics to Australian liquor licenses to Nevada shell companies, its all here, one syllable at a time.

Gmail Selfie

Scenes from a life–Gmail Selfie is a personalized robot that runs in the background and makes a timelapse video of your email inbox.


STATE.VISION explores the visual culture of the post-9/11 national security state.

Black Car Mirror

An unexpected archive in Uber receipts.