Swamp Thing provides an intimate encounter with your personal email archive.

A Telephonic Experience

Swamp Thing is an interactive installation that provides participants an opportunity to encounter their personal email archive in a new way, giving rise to questions about the archive’s status. Drawing on natural language processing and the convention of disembodied customer service voices, participants invite Swamp Thing to review their email archives, acting in this way like the advertising algorithms present in many free email providers. A short time later a telephone rings and the participant picks up the receiver. Swamp Thing then reads a forgotten but meaningful fragment of correspondence to the participant.

In a general kind of way we aware that our daily lives, both on and offline, produce an enormous amount of data. However, it is easy to loose touch with the particular moments of its production and the implications of its indefinite accumulation. Swamp Thing seeks to provide an encounter to help think about this situation by creating an ephemeral and intimate interface to one’s own email archive.